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Is your home remedy really a cure for that hangover?

We love natural ingredients , but can a cup of coffee or lime juice really help with hangovers?
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How many times have you heard someone say, “Just have a strong cup of coffee, it’s the best anti-hangover drink. You’ll be just fine”, after a night of drinking?

Or that smarty-pants telling you, “You don’t have to do this to your body. Why suffer? Just pop a pill. It’s how to get instant relief and get rid of a hangover fast at home.”

Or “Trust me, the most effective hangover treatment at home is to top it up with more alcohol in the morning. Go on, try it! You won’t be sorry.”

Or even your cousin’s husband’s uncle’s secret recipe  “mix hot sauce with vinegar and take it as a shot” (true story!).

But can these kitchen essentials cure a hangover? Imagine you wake up in the morning after a fun night out, but you’re severely dehydrated, you’ve got the world’s biggest headache and your stomach is uneasy. Do you have the energy to make your turmeric mix, lemon water or go buy fresh coconut water? While these may sound helpful, they also take time to act and are not the easiest to put together!



A lot goes on in your body when you are hungover. Headaches and nausea are just signs that your body is giving you a cry for help! Fighting the signs will not avoid the harm that a hangover already does to your body.

Sure, you can try some hangover cures at home but avoiding a hangover and waking up fresh after a fun night involving alcohol should be your primary goal. 

After all, adulting = drinking responsibly.


What happens when you drink?

When you drink, the naturally produced enzyme – ADH (Alcohol Dehydrogenase) gets suppressed in the body, leading to the alcohol being only partially oxidised or metabolised in and by the body. This often leads to what we call a hangover.

Are you surprised? There is so much more than meets the eye, isn’t it?

This brings us to the question – Is your home remedy really a cure for that hangover? The answer – maybe not.

Some hangover treatments possible at home can help rehydrate your system – like electrolytes, glucose and the likes. But what about your liver that’s giving you a distress signal?

Enter – Morning Fresh! The closest thing you will get to being your liver’s BFF and can help you avoid a hangover altogether.

How does Morning Fresh help avoid hangovers?

Morning Fresh’s unique and patented formulation helps with the re-activation of the naturally occurring enzyme “ADH” in the liver. So, when you make Morning Fresh the last drink of the night, it assists your liver in the reactivation of this enzyme. 

Something your well-intentioned home remedy for the impending hangover may not help with.

Morning Fresh is made using natural ingredients that are good for your body after a night of drinking, including Vitamin C, Mulberry Leaf Extract and Proteins. These have been chosen to ensure your liver gets the support it needs to flush out toxins, protect itself from any damage and boost your immunity after a night out. The cherry on top – Morning Fresh contains no sugar and zero caffeine, two elements that are pretty bad for your body after a night of drinking (but are omnipresent in most home hangover treatments!)

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Parting Thoughts

Prevention is better than cure, they say. Living up to this proverb, Morning Fresh advocates being proactive instead of reactive with alcohol consumption as well. Simply put a bottle by your bedside and make it your last drink of the night, so you wake up already feeling fresh, hydrated and productive. You’ll be waking up ready for a healthy breakfast instead of craving a greasy one and can still enjoy your electrolytes in the form of coconut water or lemon juice to give you that extra jump in your step the morning after!

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