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For best results, make Morning Fresh your nightcap/last drink of the night. The one thing you should do

before you start drinking? Place a bottle of Morning Fresh by your bedside or in your pocket

Think of it this way, by the time you wake up, it makes it harder to mitigate any damage done by a fun night

out. Planning ahead means you can outsmart the morning after and wake up feeling superfresh!

Even if it’s a glass or two, alcohol can put your liver function under stress. The active ingredients in Morning

Fresh assist your liver to flush out the toxins from alcohol, prevent any damage and replenish any essential

vitamins and minerals you need to stay hydrated.

Leave the mixology to the professionals and enjoy our single serves directly from the bottle. Trust us, it

works better.

Our formulation is designed to assist your liver detox your body of alcohol using natural ingredients only. It does not contain any caffeine or sugar . This means you get to enjoy your evening in high spirits, come home to get the rest you need and wake up fresh, healthy and hangover free! No party poopers here.

Morning Fresh is made using natural ingredients that are good for your body including Vitamin C, Mulberry Leaf 

Extract and Proteins. These have been chosen to ensure your liver gets the support it needs to flush out toxins, 

protect itself from any damage and boost your immunity after a night-out. Morning Fresh contains no sugar and 

zero caffeine. Learn More

Leave the driving to the professionals. We do not encourage drinking and driving. Taking Morning Fresh

after alcohol consumption does not make it safe to operate a motor vehicle. Please use a designated driver

or taxi service to ensure you get home safe and make sure you take your Morning Fresh before bed!

It is a scientifically tested formula that has been tested and approved by the Food Safety Standard Authority

of India [FSSAI]

Morning Fresh lasts for 12 months, if the bottle or sachet remains unopened. Once opened, we recommend

consuming immediately. Lucky for you, both our sachets and bottles are lightweight and easy to carry on any


It’s a scientific formula that actively helps your liver perform better and supports liver function. It’s easy to

carry around in your bag and pocket, which means it’s ready when you need it, no matter what the occasion.

Morning Fresh helps you plan ahead, so when you wake up, you are already fresh and ready to take on your


Yes, all alcohol has some effect on the body, the sooner the toxins leave your system, the better it is for you. You

do not need to be completely inebriated to take a Morning Fresh and should take one even if you have had 2-3

drinks to help flush out toxins, cleanse the system and protect your liver.

– Morning Fresh is a standardized and scientific formulation, which has been tested

– It is easy to consume and can be carried in your bag/pocket or kept by your nightstand

– You wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the day rather than having to struggle out of bed to find the

ingredients and make your concoction

Morning Fresh is rich in natural proteins, vitamins and antioxidants that protect and boost liver health.

Nope! But we are your liver lovers! Our natural formulation is caffeine and sugar-free. This means you can

enjoy your favorite nightcap without having to worry about those extra calories and focus on keeping your

body detoxed, cleansed and hangover free till the morning after.

Absolutely! Choose from a range of our products and merchandise like our Hangover Survival Kits,

customize your order and flavours at no extra charge and enjoy bulk discounts! Whether your having a

wedding, celebrating a bachelor/ette party or a special occasions, order here and we’d love to be a part of

your celebrations!

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