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Ideas for Hangover kits to get through the wedding season

Keep this kit handy and don’t let hangovers come in the way of your celebrations!
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Do you have a bachelor/ette party coming up? Are you unsure about how to put together a kick-ass care package for your best friends? Well, read on for some ideas that we thought could help you make the special occasion even more fun.

We all know that celebratory parties can go a little over the top. How do you ensure that the bride, groom and guests stay fresh and fabulous? How do you ensure that everyone has a great time and keep all the (happy) memories that don’t end in a painful hangover?

Hangover kits!

A typical hangover kit consists of items like mouth fresheners, electrolytes, wet wipes and loads of medicines to subdue the symptoms of a bad hangover. However, if you’re looking for something different, something fun and something that every party needs, you’re at the right place. 

This wedding season, stand out, get noticed and go the extra mile for your friends & family with Morning Fresh’s customisable Hangover Kits.

Here are some of the items that each hangover kit includes:

  1. Water-resistant reusable pouch:
    Perfect to fit all your essentials, available in instagrammable colours and can be customised with your hashtags or personalised phrases. The best part? These pouches double up as great medicine kits, makeup & swimming bags post-celebration and are a great memory to keep with you!
  2. Two bottles of Morning Fresh (flavours of your choice):
    Make sure your guests attend all your events, from the early morning ones till the after-party, minus the hangover. Add your favourite flavours of Morning Fresh into your hangover kits and your guests will stay fresh, hydrated and fabulous through all the celebrations!
  3. Mouth Freshener:
    No one likes to go to bed or wake up smelling like tequila shots! This hangover kit gives you the freshness you need to stay minty fresh and ready to celebrate.
  4. A stainless-steel hip flask (customisable):
    Carry the party wherever you go, from the pre-game to the baraat. Morning Fresh’s hip flasks are customizable and are sure to be a conversation starter, with their witty comments and classy finish, it’s the most popular feature in the hangover kit.
  5. Cotton Lux eye mask (customizable):
    Nothing should get in the way of a good night’s rest. This pure cotton eye mask is exactly what you need after a fun night (or three) of celebrations and helps you wake up feeling fresh, rested and looking like your fabulous self the next day.
  6. Band-Aids & First aid essentials:
    Got a nasty shoe bite? Had a little oopsie moment that you need to cover up? Stomach feeling a bit uneasy? Morning Fresh’s hangover kit has got you covered with all the first aid essentials you need, right by your side.

Are you a wedding planner or an event organiser?

Morning Fresh’s hangover kits are perfect for those in-room hampers, party favours and bar essentials. Choose your favourite flavours of our hangover drinks, customise elements to incorporate your client’s details and get them pre-packed and ready to send out, so it’s one less thing on your to-do list to tick off!

Whether you’re planning an intimate cocktail party or a grand wedding celebration, our hangover kits are pocket-friendly and fit all budgets.

Parting Thoughts

Our team has thought through and curated a hangover kit that has everything you would need on a night of drinking. Pocket-friendly, practical, quirky, and oh-so-useful, it’s the perfect addition to your special occasion to make your guests feel looked after, cared for and fresh. So the next time somebody is looking for hangover kit ideas, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to be a part of your celebrations!

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