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Tips & Tricks to Avoid a Hangover

Tips and tricks to avoid a hangover

Simple hacks that we’ve tried and tested to avoid hangovers, without missing out on all the fun!
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Making Hangovers A Thing Of The Past !

Have you spent a lot of time looking for safe and effective ways of avoiding hangovers? Here’s some tried and tested advice to help your body stay out of the hangover zone.

Best Ways To Avoid A hangover:

1. The Golden Rule - Hydrate

You may not feel it when you are having fun but alcohol dehydrates you, causing the infamous “morning-after” sickness. So how do you avoid an alcohol hangover? Drink water – lots of it! (during & after)

A study suggests that for every drink you consume, your body expels four times the quantity! That’s not even counting the shots you have mid-cocktail!

#CustomersSpeak: One of our customers shared a fun way she remembers to drink water on a night out and we thought we’d share it with you –  she does it by making it a game! Every time she finished one round of drinks and was going to order another, she’d ask for a round of water as well! Once the water was on the table, all her friends inevitably hydrated! And the ones that didn’t were meant to do a fun dare at the bar, we’ll leave the rest of those stories to your imagination!

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2. Eat, eat, eat

Before you start drinking, line your stomach with carbs!  Here are a couple of DOs and DON’Ts that will help:



Eat healthy fats and carbs
Eg: Avacados, rice, potatoes, cheese

Avoid oily food

Snack on healthy munchies and drink lots of water

Avoid drinking on an empty stomach

Keep Morning Fresh by your bedside

Don’t forget to drink Morning Fresh as your last drink of the night.


Healthy fats slow the rate at which alcohol gets absorbed in your body, which helps keep those hangovers at bay. Oily foods, on the other hand, can put your liver under additional strain, as it’s trying to cope with the alcohol + greasy food.

3. Morning Fresh for a fresh & productive morning

Morning Fresh is a natural,  tasty anti-hangover drink which should be your last drink for the night. It replenishes your body with essential vitamins and boosts your liver.


How does Morning Fresh work? Simply put -when you drink a lot of alcohol, a naturally occurring enzyme that helps digest alcohol in the liver, called Alcohol Dehydrogenase, gets suppressed. This results in hangovers.


When Morning Fresh is taken as the last shot of the night, its natural proteins, vitamins and antioxidants re-activate ADH in the liver, causing detoxification of the liver. The result? You avoid a hangover and wake up fresh!


Morning Fresh is known to be one of the most effective ways to avoid a hangover.

4. Stick to one type of alcohol (leave the mixing to the mixologists)

There’s always that one person in a group that says that they can drink anything and can handle all types of alcohol. But, mixing multiple spirits in one night can lead to blurry nights, a throbbing headache and a nasty hangover the morning after.

Here’s why mixing drinks is a bad idea:

  1. Every alcohol has different compositions. Some have more ethanol (gin, beer) and some have congeners in high volumes (dark spirits like bourbon, whiskey, red wine) than the rest which are said to be a major cause of hangovers.

Sweet syrups are a popular mixer in some of your favourite cocktails which can cause further dehydration and can cause havoc in the stomach. Fizzy drinks and sugary mixers like tonic water are often added to alcohol. Did you know tonic water has the same amount of sugar as two tablespoonfuls of sugar? Instead it’s recommended to choose low-calorie tonics, water or soda-based mixers to avoid making those hangovers worse.

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5. Slow down, Hotshot!:

Pacing yourself at a fun party might be easier said than done but take your time to sit back, enjoy the company and sip slower. Drinking slowly will not just give your liver time to process the consumed alcohol but will also help you drink less, resulting in avoiding a hangover.

On an average, your body can process one drink per hour, so stick to that. 

Our mantra – Be responsible, pace yourself, avoid hangovers!

Whether you’ve had just one pint or a full pitcher, make sure you listen to your body, drink responsibly and make Morning Fresh your last drink of the night, so you wake up feeling fresh, hydrated and hangover free.

What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a set of Morning Fresh’s hangover shots and make many merry memories with your loved ones!

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