Making Regret A Thing Of The Past

“Why is someone out there screaming into a bloody megaphone so early in the morning?!” If someone ever bothered to carry out a survey, that would probably emerge as the most frequently uttered phrase on a Sunday morning. So is there some under-reported epidemic of megaphone users flooding the streets on a Sunday morning? Not likely. What’s actually happening is:

A. Someone is having a polite conversation at a perfectly reasonable volume, in the other room.
B. It’s actually 1 p.m.
C. You’re waking up with a hangover specially curated for you by Satan himself.

While you were out last night throwing caution to the wind, Satan donned his white coat, walked into his state of the art lab and concocted the perfect balance of headache, upset stomach, temporary memory loss and an inability to recognise your surroundings upon awakening.

So now you’re up, barely, and stumbling over to the coffee table, reaching for caffeine. That’s when regret hits. “Why do I do this?” you ask. Then you start making deals with yourself, and resolutions that are completely unrealistic. You promise that you won’t touch alcohol for a month. No, three months! Yes, three months.

So we ask you: “Why do you do this to yourself?” Why punish yourself for having a good time? Especially when there is a way wake up feeling fresh without having to give up your Saturday nights. Because at Morning Fresh we have a state of the art lab too. We have guys in white coats. And we’ve concocted something too – a natural product that helps remedy the effects of a hangover.

Next time around, don’t let a whole Sunday go by while you wallow in regret about a night that was actually fun! Make Morning Fresh the last drink of the night and wake up ready to go out into the world looking to have a great day to chase a great night.

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