Don’t let a midweek tipple run your work week

Wednesday nights out are a godsend! Otherwise, five days in a row with nothing but work to look forward to must qualify as cruel and unusual punishment, right? We all know how far a midweek hangout blowing off some steam over a drink with pals can go in seeing out the remainder of the working week. Look at it this way, you will be productive and useful at work if you let your hair down a little.
Midweek hangouts have a different vibe, don’t they? They tend to be more laid back, more conversational. And you get to really savour your drinks instead of throwing them back at a frenetic pace as you do on the weekend. You call it a night relatively early, and go to bed at a decent hour. A Wednesday night out can really make you feel like you’re killing it at the #adulting game.
Until, that is, you wake up with a splitting headache and terrible case of cotton mouth. Instead of going into working ready to GSD (Get S**t Done), you’re contemplating calling in sick so you can stay in bed. While you are lying there wondering if you got carried away with the conversation and had one drink too many, we argue that you had one drink too few.
If you’re serious about taking your adulating game to the next level, then you’ve got to get better at pre-empting the morning after. Instead of looking for a hangover relief, plan ahead to make Morning Fresh your last drink of the night. Morning Fresh is a completely natural hangover drink that helps reduce symptoms of a hangover. Put a bottle of Morning Fresh on your bedside table so you can wake up ready to pick up where you left off.

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