Adulting Like a Boss

As we get older, we realize that our bodies can’t keep up with the stress of balancing both work and fun. Get your deliverable out of the way, meet up with friends to for a late night tipple, AND wake up in time for the gym? Who is the world has the time to actually even attempt to pack everything into 24 hours? This is where Morning Fresh steps in.

Weekdays are long, and often packed with work – but your best friend you haven’t seen in months is in town, and since you’re such go-getters, you’ve decided to hanker back to college days and grab that midweek drink. Okay, let’s be honest – you’re both drinking champions and it will probably be two drinks. Or, you know, four. Five, even. She calls at 6 to confirm that 9pm drinks are on. Life is too hectic to actually try and meet earlier and get ALL the sleep you would need to rebound from that hangover that’s a certainty when the two of you catch up properly. Carry your Morning Fresh pack though, and you’re set.

You spend the evening catching up on headlines from each other’s lives – the drinks flow, the conversation is great, and before you know it, it’s midnight and you’re more than a few drinks down. She ruefully tells you how she’s on a strict schedule and is going to have to ruin her gym streak by skipping the next morning, but that it was totally worth it. Now it’s your turn to smile. Share your hangover cure with her, and watch how the two of you make a come back, the next morning!

As hangover remedies go, it’s one of the surest – one shot before you go to bed at night, and you’re good to go in the morning! It’s a detox juice that scientific, and yet safe for consumption – simply put, the natural proteins, vitamins and antioxidants in Morning Fresh reactivate the ADH enzyme, helping break down toxins in your liver and making you feel better than ever.

Want that 50 hour working week, a relatively steady gym schedule, AND the ability to make weekday drinking plans, every once in a while? Incorporate Morning Fresh into your life, so you can adult like the boss you are!

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