As always, please drink responsibly

Across the Bridge

Put ten cards face down in a line. This is the bridge and the aim is to ‘cross’ the bridge. Get the first player to flip the first card in the bridge.

If it’s a 2 -10, then the player flips the next card over. If a player flips over a jack, queen, king, or ace, the player has to drink and add cards to the bridge (one for a jack, two for a queen, and so on).

Then it moves onto the next player. The player that flips up the last card is the winner.


Deal an equal amount of cards out to each player. Then, on the count of three, everyone has to flip over their top card. Anyone with matching numbers or suites must drink together. Repeat. Get ready to get wasted!

One King to rule them all

Kings (also known as Ring of Fire) has a lot of rules, but don’t worry—they’re easy. Basically, all the cards in a deck are fashioned in a circle. People take turns drawing cards and perform the action dictated by the card. The game ends when there are no more cards left to draw. Here’s what each card means:

Ace: Everyone Drinks

Two: You. The person that drew the card chooses someone else to drink

Three: Me. The person that drew the card drinks

Four: Floor. Everyone touches the floor ASAP. Last person to touch the floor drinks

Five: Guys. All the dude’s in the group drink

Six: Chicks. All the ladies in the circle drink

Seven: Heaven. Everyone has to point up to the sky/ceiling. The last person to do so, drinks

Eight: Mate. Choose a partner to drink with you. That person now has to drink every time you drink and vice versa, until either one of you draws eight again and chooses a new drinking buddy.

Nine: Rhyme. The drawer says a word. The next person to the left has to say a word that rhymes with that word, and so on around the circle. The person who can’t find a rhyme has to drink.

Ten: Category. Pick any category of things (cocktail names, Cardi B songs, alcohol brands). Everyone has to name something within that category. The person that can’t think of anything or runs out of options, drinks.

Jack: The person on your right drinks. Option 2: Never Have I Ever; All the players put up three fingers and starting with the person that draws the card, says things they haven’t done. Put down your fingers for everything you have done. The first person that runs out of fingers, drinks.

Queen: Question Master. Whoever draws the Queen is the question master until someone else draws a queen. During the time as the question master, he/she can ask anyone questions at anytime (Eg. “Hey, what card did you just get”) throughout the game. The person that responds has to drink (best to respond with another question!)

King: Make a rule. The card drawer makes a rule that everyone has to follow. Anyone who doesn’t follow the rule has to drink (Eg. every time someone draws a card they have to squat!)

Blow Me

Place a bottle in the center of the table. On top of the bottle place a deck of cards. Take it in turns to try and blow one card off the top of the pack. If one card comes off, everyone else around the table drinks.

If several cards come off, nothing happens. If the whole deck comes off, the blower drinks.

Suit up

Everyone gets a drink, sits in a circle, places the deck in the middle, everyone gets a turn at drawing cards. Draw a card, if its hearts, you and the person on your right drink.

If Its diamonds, the person on your right and left take a drink. If its spades: you and the person diagonally opposite you take a shot. If its clubs: Ask the person on your right any question, if they answer you take a drink, if they refuse they drink.


The object of the game being to be the first to get rid of all your cards, all the players sit in a circle and are dealt an equal number of cards each. Starting with the person to the left of the dealer, the game starts with Aces, and the starting player puts down one or more Ace face down and says how many Aces they’re putting down.

But this is where the bullsh*tting comes in: If the player doesn’t have the card they’re supposed to play, they still have to play a card but lie, saying that that card is, say, an Ace.

The key is to be as believable as possible so someone doesn’t doubt your play. If someone does doubt the play, they call “Bullsh*t” and check the card; if the person who called bull is right, the player has to have the number of drinks as the cards they put down (one card, one drink, and so on) and they get the cards back, thus no losing any cards. But if the person who called bull is wrong, they take as many drinks as there are cards and they get the cards.

Gameplay continues from Aces through twos, threes, and so on until a King is played and it starts over with Aces.

F*ck the dealer

If you have an interest in gambling, this is a fun one as it’s all about guessing based on your knowledge of the card deck. To start with, all the players are dealt a card from a shuffled pack, and the player with the lowest card is the dealer, who re-collects the cards and reshuffles.

They then ask the person to their left to guess the card at the top of the deck. If the guess is right, the dealer has to drink four times (as in, take four sips). If the guess is wrong, the dealer gives the player another chance, giving them a clue by saying the card is higher or lower than what they guessed.

If the second guess is still incorrect, that player has to drink the number of differences between the guess and the card. If the second guess is correct, the turn moves to the next player.

The dealer is only able to get out of their duties in the event that three players in a row can’t guess the cards correctly on either their first or second guesses, and the person to the left of the dealer takes over. The game continues until the deck is gone.

Drunken Detective

Start by building a small deck of cards that includes one card of a red suit, one ace of spades, and enough black numerical cards so the number of cards in the deck matches the number of players. Then, shuffle the deck and deal one card out to each person.

The person who receives the red card is the killer; the person who receives the ace of spades is the detective, and the people who receive the black numbered cards are civilians.

Once all the cards are dealt, the killer “kills” someone by winking at them, doing so as stealthily as possible. The person who is killed says “I’m dead” and drinks. After the kill, the detective tries to determine who the killer is. If the detective is right, the killer has to drink. If the detective is wrong, he or she must drink.

Tip: If you’re the killer, try to figure out who the detective is before you strike because if you try to kill the detective, you’re going to get busted.

Horse Race

Take out four cards but make sure there’s one of each suit and all have different numbers. So no two aces or Kings or fours. These are the horses. Put them in a line next to each other.

Layout a track of 10 cards face down and end to end. This is the course.

Make everyone bet on a horse by taking sips. If their horse wins they can hand out 4x as many as they bet.

From the remaining deck start pulling out cards. For every suit that comes out, move that corresponding horse forward one space (one of the cards on the track). If a matching face value comes out (for example one horse is a ten and you pull a ten) that horse moves forward 2 steps, and the suit of the card pulled out also moves forward 1.

Screw your Neighbour

The object of Screw Your Neighbor is simple: Don’t end up with the lowest card (the king being the highest and ace being the lowest). At the start of every round, the dealer deals each player a card.

The player to the dealer’s left starts the round by first looking at their card and then choosing to either pass and keep their card, or swap their card with the next person in the circle. That person then gets the opportunity to do the same, and so on.

When the game reaches the dealer, he or she can either swap his or her card with the top card of the deck or pass. Everyone flips over their cards, and the player with the lowest card, drinks.